Target Marketing

Having wonderful copy and designs
are only as effective as the most targeted list.

In a few hours, Bedrock can analyze your market. We can establish where most of your customers are by zip code.
And Bedrock can show you your market percentage penetration. We can also tell you what the average household income and the propensity for home ownership is,
in each of your high-target zip codes. Are you marketing to the right target for your product?
Call us and we’ll get to work on your market, for your company. Success is only a phone call away!

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Data List

    – Household Income
    – Head of Household Age
    – Number of people in household
    – Home Value
    – Age of Home
    – Home Equity %
    – Plus 4 Zip Credit Score Propensity
       & much more!
View our map to see what types of demographics we target
and how selective you can be in creating data lists with us!