Digital Banner Advertising

Digital banner advertising is an excellent way to get high quality HVAC leads. A valuable tool in your marketing tool kit, digital banner advertising is an effective method of increasing your brand awareness and direct response. You can target specific groups of people who will need and use your services.

Using digital banner ads allows you to have ads of various sizes and ad content. Unlike a pay-per-click campaign, which uses text only ads, digital banner ads use eye-catching graphics to grab people’s attention. Depending on your marketing budget, you can get your ads in front of thousands of potential clients, letting them know you’re a reliable and reputable business.

Digital banner ads can appear at the top, bottom, sideways or a middle pop-up, depending on your ad budget. People who are looking for a reliable HVAC company will click on the ads and go to your website, or give you a call. You’ll receive high quality HVAC leads. If you’re not an HVAC company, no problem! We can design, create and implement digital banner ads for any industry.

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Bedrock Markets has teamed up with Spectrum Reach to deliver digital banner advertising for companies nationwide. We have years of experience and can help you figure out what will work best for your company. Whether you are an established business that is well known in your area, or if you are brand new and looking to announce yourself to your market, we have the resources to provide you with best digital banner advertising designs and campaigns for getting new and relevant HVAC leads.

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Top 7 Reasons

You Should Use



70% of consumers prefer
traditional mail for
unsolicited offers.

target your audience

Target Your Audience

You can choose your exact demographic and geographic of those that will respond to you. You will have ZERO Waste, because you can target buyers and forget the rest.


Something Solid

Direct mail has a physical item that people can hold, turn over, and view at their leisure. It’s not going to go away as soon as they click away.


Mailbox Moment

Studies show that consumers want to know what’s in their mailbox, and get satisfaction by picking up their mail.


It’s Theater In Print

You have a sufficiently large canvas for telling people a complex story.


Shelf Life

A direct mail piece can hang around on the counter, refrigerator, or coffee table for weeks or months. Your prospect can and will look at it over and over again. Many advertisers report that customers call long after the initial mailing.


Non-Competitive Bid Advertising

If you’re in Pay Per Click advertising, you know that the rates fluctuate based on competitive bidding based on eyeballs on the web. Direct Mail allows you to get to your prime prospects, without having the price fluctuate on you every nanosecond. 


Pairing Direct Mail With Digital Ads

Mirroring and combining a campaign with Direct Mail and digital formats can boost recognition and response by 2- 3 times.


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