How Do You Know Your SEO is Working?

Make monthly improvements to your website
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We believe you deserve a clear report of how prepared your site is to attract new customers. SEO shouldn’t be mysterious. So that everyone can afford to improve their website’s positioning we’ve created three unique SEO Reports.

Straight Talk about the mysteries of SEO

SEO is top secret! The reason it’s so tricky is because nobody makes money from it! Not Google, not Yahoo, not Facebook, nobody. Since they don’t make money, there’s no Google Guidebook anywhere.

Here’s what we do know: Search engines have three goals.

  1. Make Money
  2. Provide valuable, relevant search results to users
  3. Provide a great user experience
SEO Monitoring

Understanding the search engine's goals gives us insight into how to reach more customers. The following areas allow us to focus our efforts to increase your results:

  • Site Structure
Your site structure effects the user experience. How quickly the site loads, how well the page titles and tags describe the contents, how secure the site is, and where the search engine can crawl, all effect your rankings. All our services can give you a clear picture of your sites structural challenges and successes.
  • Content
The words you use to describe your products and services make up the basis for keyword placement in all your SEO activities. Quantity is only important when it is well written, natural, useful, unique and current. You need to have a clear plan for regular updates and new content including blog posts and social media interaction. Only Monitoring provides regular guidance to improving your sites content.
  • Links
Links demonstrate value and relevance. The frequency and way that other sites link to yours plays a big role in showing search engines how important your site is. The way your links point to other sites can affect how much of your site is inspected by search engines. The quality of the sites that link to you and the frequency of new links plays an important role in your results. While the Snapshot will give you clear idea where you stand, our other services provide specific data useful in correcting errors.
  • Paid Advertising
Your SEO efforts will have their greatest influence when combined with sound paid advertising strategies. Some of the tools that may combine to bring you fantastic results include: AdWords, Social Media Advertising, Retargeting/Remarketing, Video Ads, Display Ads, Affiliate Marketing & Email Marketing. Whether you manage this yourself or trust someone with more time and expertise, your paid advertising is easy to monitor with Google’s own tools. If you would like a more detailed analysis of your results presented in a static monthly report, our SEM Monitoring Plus service gives extends our valuable SEO Monitoring service.

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