Strategic Marketing Reports By Bedrock Markets

Bedrock Markets analyzes your market, your market share, WHO your customers are and WHAT they like, WHAT marketing channels are most effective for your area, and profiles your Model Buyers and HOW to find other prospects WHO have a higher propensity to buy from you.

  • Market Share Report by Zip Code

    • See top market customer areas
    • Rank Zips by Most Customers
    • Know Market Share by zip code
    • Identify Underserved zips

  • Psychographic Report by Zip Code

    • Lifestyles, Likes, and Buying Habits
    • Keywords for–Messaging that Works
    • Messaging that does NOT Work
    • Create Visuals that resonate

  • Model Buyer Decil Report

    • Profile the Customers that buy from you –within 10 Segments
    • Identify NEW Prospects that EXACTLY match your Customers

  • Marketing Channel Report by Market Area

    • Digital Opportunities
    • Broadcast Rates and Reach (Top Ranked Stations)
    • Demographic & Geographic Analysis for Direct Mail
    • Print Publications Analysis
    • Outdoor Advertising Analysis

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